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This page is dedicated to the memory of

Peter Matthias Schneider


Peter M. Schneider sadly passed away in September 2022.

An online tribute session took place to honour him, his work, his unquestionably important contribution to the ISFG and to all who surrounded him with his wisdom, insight, willingness, kindness and humanity.

Besides many of his accomplishments, Peter was one of the main drive forces in the ISFG for education and training. He was the heart and mind behind the idea of the ISFG Summer School.

On August 28th, 2023, we initiated the 2023 edition of the ISFG Summer School with this online session. Many of Peter's colleagues, friends and family were able to join us and celebrate his life and legacy. During this time, a short video was shown which can be viewed through this link.

All the tribute messages received can be found below. You may still leave your tribute message by sending it to us via email to

Until September 9, 2023, one year after Peter's passing, we will be receiving your messages. An online book with these messages will be compiled and accessible to all.

Thank you.





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